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POTBH and Mather Louth Collab Once Again

Mather Louth

Mather Louth

The Phantom of the Black Hills are back in the studio to record a new album, and once again they will be collaborating with Mather Louth, the lead singer for the Gothic Americana band the Heathen Apostles. They previously worked together on Wild Witch of the West (you can check out the wild music video for the song HERE), the lead single from their last album, 2017’s Scalped. This time Ms. Mather Louth will have a bigger role in the project, singing and writing on several songs on the new album. The album is roughly scheduled for a Spring 2020 release on Ratchet Blade Records, and it will once again be produced by Chopper Franklin (Heathen Apostles, The Cramps, Mau Maus).

Phantom & Mather Louth 2020

(lyrics by Phantom of the Black Hills and Mather Louth)

Drag me to hell, and howl it up all night
A haunted heart, got the feeling right

Trigger finger warm, her blood runnin’ cold
A sunken sun, time to bring the show

Your death is her fascination
Sent to hell to stay; well, hell, she’ll show the way
She’s serving up some damnation
Badder than the rest, the Wild Witch of the West

Spells in the wind, crows fill up the sky
She’s so gone, can’t be rectified

Drums beatin’ dark, corpses in the street
Her eyes wild, guns spittin’ heat

She’s bringin’ your devastation
Yeah, she’ll mark your grave, and send you on your way
Your grief is her incantation
Bringin’ all the best, the Wild Witch of the West

Hex taking aim,
It’s you I’ve come to claim
One last bone to pick
that bears your name

I’m crossing over the threshold
Sweeping off the ashes and the brimstone
You’d best not find yourself alone
Every story ends the same,
Another moth caught by the flame

POTBH on New Gothic Western Site

Heathen Apostles - Gothic WesternPhantom of the Black Hills have been featured on the new Gothic Western site GothicWestern.com, a new collective dedicated to all Gothic Western and Southern Gothic. Check out the write up, then peruse all the features, they have articles on music, movies & TV, fashion, art and lifestyle, all relating to everything Gothic Western. To visit the site and see the article click HERE.

“The mixture of goth and Western music has brooding and dark motifs interwoven into cowboy culture while incorporating themes of death, occult and superstition. Crossover elements are seen in gothic country, but are unique to experiences of the American frontier, including Northern Mexico. The music encompasses storytelling and the cultural diversity of instrumentation associated with the American frontier. The spaghetti western sound of Ennio Morricone is influential to the genre. Pioneers of the genre include Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, and groups like Fields of Nephilim and Heathen Apostles. In recent years, the music of Colter Wall has helped revive this evolving music genre.

The post-war consciousness between 1940 and 1950 left consumers wanting less monster-related horror in favor of dark storytelling connected with reality. I.e., the monster, subject to relativism, survives in the shadows of the idealized American Dream. Westerns were at their peak of popularity, but with the increase of technology, modernization and social changes, not without artistic commentary. An amalgamation of the two genres befitting this reflection was imminent.

In 1971, Johnny Cash introduced the ‘Man in Black’, stating:

I wear the black for the poor and the beaten down, livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town, I wear it for the prisoner who has long paid for his crime, but is there because he’s a victim of the times.”

Larry Vincent, a horror host named Sinister Seymour, established Knott’s Halloween Haunt in 1973, one of the first Halloween related events on a large scale, blending gothic and Western aesthetics at Calico ghost town, and providing a first venue for the growing subculture.

New POTBH Gothic Outlaws T Shirt Design

The Phantom of the Black Hills has released a new T Shirt design, it features an image of the notorious gothic outlaws playing from their upcoming Wild Witch of the West music video. Order now from the POTBH merch store and receive a free sticker and music download. Click HERE to check it out.

gothic outlaws

Mather Louth and Phantom of the Black Hills Collaboration

The Heathen Apostles’ Mather Louth is singing on the new Phantom of the Black Hills album Scalped, released online on Friday August 25th, 2017 on Ratchet Blade Records. She sings on Wild Witch of the West, the first single from the record and will also appear in the music video. The brick and mortar release date is Friday the 13th of October. Chopper Franklin is producing, check back for more details.


New POTBH Album Out In Summer 2017

A new Phantom of the Black Hills album will be released this summer on Ratchet Blade Records. The album, which is as-yet untitled, will be the band’s fifth and first since 2014’s Moonshine Bright. Check back for more info.

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POTBH Video Cameo For Heathen Apostles

The Phantom of the Black Hills have made a cameo in the upcoming Heathen Apostles video, their version of Loretta Lynn’s Fist City. The Phantom does meet a violent end, but don’t worry, he lives to fight again! The video debuts on Monday October 26th, check back for more details and links.

Wanted Poster screenshot

Phantom of the Black Hills Girly T’s

We’ve discovered a batch of POTBH Logo Girly T’s, there’s only a few left, when they’re gone, they’re gone. So hellbetties, get with it and jump on ’em! Click HERE for the Phantom of the Black Hills store.

Girly T 600

Phantom of the Black Hills Bundles on eBay

You can get really great deals on Phantom of the Black Hills music and gear bundles on Ebay, click HERE to check them out.

POTBH Ultimate Battle packShirt bundleBackpatch bundle

5 Year Anniversary of POTBH Debut Album “Ghosts”

This month marks the 5th anniversary of the Phantom of the Black Hills debut album Ghosts, which saw it’s way into this dark world in April of 2009. You can check out the detail of this record HERE, and here is the band’s debut video of Men Call Me Mad from it below.

New Black Hearted Killer Promo Video

A promo video is up for the lead song of the Black Hearted Killer EP. Click on the YouTube logo go view on YouTube and comment. You can also preview and order the EP HERE.

Free EP Download Card With Any CD Purchase!

For a limited time the Phantom of the Black Hills webstore is offering a free Black Hearted Killer EP download card with any CD purchase. 2009’s Ghosts, 2010’s Born To Gun and 2012’s ENEMY! are also all on sale for $8.99 so take advantage and get the brand new POTBH EP for free! More info HERE.

Black Hearted Killer cover final

Alot of Street Art Sucks But…


ENEMY! Now Available on iTunes, Amazonmp3, etc.

The new Phantom of the Black Hills album ENEMY! is available for download today, it was deemed “New and Noteworthy” by iTunes! Click HERE to preview and download.

ENEMY! Out on Digital November 6th

The new Phantom of the Black Hills record ENEMY! will be out on iTunes, Amazonmp3, etc. on November 6th. The street date for the physical release isn’t until January 22nd, 2013 but you can get a specially priced copy now from the POTBH webstore HERE.







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