Hellbilly Music


Phantom of the Black Hills is definitely one of the most innovative bands in the hellbilly/doom country genre. They mix traditional country instruments with searing guitars, distorted vocals, intense sound effects and movie dialog. Their songs are brutal missiles that blatantly encourage all to live a life of full freedom and protest the wrongs and hypocrisies of an oppressive society.

“Few albums take me by such a complete surprise as the debut by Phantom of the Black Hills’ “Ghosts”. From the first sounds of a fiddle decompose into a thuddingly dreadful banjo pluck on “Confessions of a Barn Burner” we know that there is an evil journey ahead of us. “Ghosts” manages to avoid the biggest pitfall of albums in the Gothic Americana genre: pretentiousness. All too often, even established artists, push the nostalgic or demonic angle too hard and it comes off as forced and fake. Phantom of the Black Hills avoid this and have created a simply fantastic album. “Ghosts” is by far not only one of the best albums of 2009, but is definitely Required Rodentia.” Rodentia Magazine

“If Glenn Danzig and Al Jourgensen stayed up all night listening to old Porter Wagoner and Hank Sr. records and drinking homemade corn liquor, then decided to make an album together, it still wouldn’t come close to the bleak, inventive darkness of this eleven-track hatework. Can’t recommend it enough.” Jon Steffens – Wolves Hollow Magazine

  “The first two albums must’ve been dress rehearsals for this release. Lyrically more dark and intense than the previous two releases, ENEMY! is filled with musical imagery of war, lust, death, and hell.. The arrangement of the music is flawless, the lyrics are controversial as ever and I f**king love this album”   Jacks Insanity – PoDunk Radio