Hellbilly Music


Phantom of the Black Hills
I smell smoke

Nielzine-Phantom of the Black Hills has an intense sound. Is it hard to pull off live? Plus do you play with your Highwaymen masks on?
Phantom of the Black Hills- As long as there is electricity and booze we make it work. And the masks stay on.

Nlzn-Any current shows or tours planned for your new c.d. “Ghosts”?
Phantom- As soon as there’s a tour we catch latch on to comes round we’ll be out there.

Nlzn- So when you’re not burning barns what kinds of music do you listen to?
Phantom- Spade Cooley, Buck Owens, Faron Young, Misfits, Ministry.

Nlzn- What’s the process to creating your songs?
Phantom- Beef then banjo then bellowin’.

Nlzn- Looks like you’re interested in 1800’s history. I can hear it in your music but does it roll over to other parts of your daily lives.
Phantom- Definitely, there’s a great Old West newspaper out there called Chronicle of the Old West that’s drippin’ w/ that.

Nlzn- What album made you wanna play music?
Phantom- Elvis’ Golden Records

Nlzn-There’s some fast ass talking going on in the song Confessions of a Barn Burner. Can you slow those words down for us here?
Phantom- It was done in a bit of a drunken trance, somethin about needin a match to get off.

Nlzn- Do you take offence to the similarities to Hank III? Or do you wear it as a badge of pride?
Phantom- Hank III’s the man, no problemo there.

Nlzn- Where will Phantom of the Black Hills be in Ten Years?
Phantom- Surveyin a great expanse of burnt barns, robbed banks and drunken hellbillys.