Hellbilly Music



Ain’t prayin’ to God – the Lord is gored and gone
Ain’t turnin’ out – I’m broke and I’m sore
I’ll show that buckle bitt – And have her tonight
This ain’t no waterslide, it’s a effin’ bullride.

On the attack with a suicide wrap
I’m gonna grind for sure
That bull’s blast, hit so efin’ fast
I’m screamin’ out and the world’s spinnin’ round

Ain’t getting’ drilled – I’m outta pain pills
I won’t fall in the well – like fallin’ to hell
Puttin’ up not shuttin’ up – not shuttin’ up
There’s two kinds of PBR and both are effin’ good

Rope pulled tight and my spurs set to bite
Vengeance is my tonight
Guts, gore and grit, I’m livin’ it
I’m throwin’ down and the world’s spinnin’ round

Gonna get me some gold tonight – It’s feelin’ right
This ain’t no cryin’ time – it’s guts and grime
Man versus monster – I am the monster
Who’s bloods gonna hit the dirt first

bull riding music