Hellbilly Music



Hear it getting’ loud? We are the unbowed
You’ll see me around, I’ll be gettin’ down
We’ll be bringin’ weight, a force to abdicate
Pay for all the hate, retaliate

Take your peace, gimme war
Bring it from the ashes
Get a piece, wait for more?
Think I’ll take me chances
See, you’re gettin’ clowned, no time to fuck around
Feel it gettin’ warm? The wicked storm

Hearin’ all the lies, keeps us energized
Like to demonize? We’re set to penalize
Kinda feel uptight, waitin’ for the night
My beast is gettin’ wise, and set to bite

Goin’ high? I go low
Yours ain’t workin’, brother
Little time, gotta go
Get the muthafucka
See, we’re throwin’ down, put him in the ground
Feel it gettin’ warm? The wicked storm

dark country album