Hellbilly Music



Whipcrack roars, and the pillage begins
Now sit back baby, while the rich pigs win
Just like a whore, they fuck til it’s dry
Welcome to the strict daddy lie

Bring him a war and he’ll bring up the noise
And jiggle the keys, there’s alot to destroy
Playing with bombs, yeah, it’s a blast
Listen to them giggle and laugh

Do as you may I will fight
I’ll have my own way ”
You gotta hate ”
Or you’re gonna pay Or I will die

Makin’ you sick I will fight
So just die quick ”
Soon as I’m rich ”
You’ll get a lick Or I will die

Fresh meat butchered up and sent to the rack
Just cuz a knob got a whiff of some gas
Go wall to wall, and choke on the tab
Just another something to grab

Pay your dues as you’re choking on air
You’re served up as a medium rare
If you step up, then you’re outta line
Shut it up, just sit there and die

dark country music