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Song Video For “Hellbetties Risin'” Is Live

The song video is up for ‘Hellbetties Risin”, the first single from the fourth Phantom of the Black Hills album Moonshine Bright on Ratchet Blade Records, check it out, comment and pass it around. You can order the Moonshine Bright release by clicking HERE, it ends Friday Nov. 14th.

“Moonshine Bright is album number five for the masked Hellbilly / Doom-country band from the USA. The genre style comes from the band itself, they blend a lively mix of styles from Southern Rock, punk, Alternative Country and a B-movie atmosphere. All in all it’s difficult to categorize: it is powerful, fully instrumented (supplemented by the classic country instruments: banjo, mandolin and violin), gloomy, aggressive and melodic. Bluegrass fiends will love the fast mandolin and banjo sections the best, and inevitably the rapid playing of Split Lip Rayfield comes to mind. But the again the next moment is a distorted guitar and the sound kicks into gloomy Rob Zombie to realms. The whole thing is exciting and is expected to attract fans of 16 Horsepower, Hank Williams III, The Meat Purveyors (and rockabilly and bluegrass in general).” Ox Zine (Germany)

Phantom of the Black Hills - Hellbetties Risin1. Moonshine Bright 03:35
2. Hellbetties Risin’ 03:07
3. Dead Man 03:54
4. Rectify Me 03:13
5. In Hell 03:42
6. Never Surrender 03:14
7. Outlaws Will Be Free 03:44
8. Black Hearted Killer 02:59
9. The Storm Is My Shelter 04:03
10. A Life For An Eye 03:18

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