Hellbilly Music



God built me well, but that you could tell
A hero miscast, a man unsurpassed
Try to stare, I double dare
I’ll smite thee down, with jaw of an ass… of an ass

Hate the player cuz I made up the game
Then burn my effigy but pay me all the same
I’m bringin’ vile, I’m bringin’ all the fun
Just my pard and my Holy Ghost machine gun
Sin and sanctity, bleed for me

I’ve come for your ass, and for your cash
The flock pays me well, to send you to Hell
So impregnable, so untouchable
Now bring me the gold, I’ll give you the shaft… oh the shaft

I am a little god, speaking in God’s name
All the rest of you can hang your heads in shame
No prosperity? Then you are to blame
A world of dopes and demons sittin’ on a damn plane
Sin and sanctity, pay for me

Like a wildfire – yeah
I will never die – yeah
You’ll have your bleed time – yeah
The time has come to be Heaven’s refugee

dark country album