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Outlaw Contest Winner

Congrats to Marti Sowell of Coarsegold, Ca. for correctly naming John King Fisher in the Outlaw contest. Here’s some facts about Fisher:

By the late 1870s, Fisher had a reputation as being fast with a gun. In 1878, an argument between Fisher and four Mexican vaqueros erupted. Fisher is alleged to have clubbed the nearest one to him with a branding iron, then as a second drew a pistol Fisher drew his own pistol and shot the man, killing him. He then spun around and shot the other two, who evidently had not produced weapons and both of whom were merely sitting on the fence the entire time.

He was arrested several times for altercations in public by local lawmen, and had been charged at least once with “intent to kill”, but the charges were dropped after no witnesses came forward. Although well known as a trouble maker, he was fairly well liked in that part of the state of Texas.  He served briefly in 1883 as acting sheriff of Uvalde County, Texas, and during this service he trailed twostage coachrobbery suspects. The two men were brothers, Tom and Jim Hannehan, and Fisher tracked them to their ranch near. The two brothers resisted, and Fisher shot and killed Tom Hannehan. Jim Hannehan then surrendered and was taken into custody along with the stolen loot from the robbery. For years after King Fisher’s death, Tom Hannehan’s mother would travel to Fisher’s grave on the anniversary of Tom Hannehan’s death. She would build a fire on top of the grave and then dance around it.

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