Hellbilly Music



Politician doin’ wrong, til we’re all dead and gone
If we’re gonna get along, gotta pick which side yer on
Livin’ in a Baylon, be ready when you’re called upon
And I just got to say…never surrender!

Never fall away, never quit the cause
Never give a damn about what happens when you fight the law
Never stop to care, never settle down
Never let a cop declare you’ve got to bow to get along
Never surrender

Gotta fight until it’s done, can’t you see the lines are drawn?
Droppin’ like an atom bomb, wait and seen the new dawn
Gettin’ down getting’ strong, feelin’ like Genghis Khan
And I just got to say…never surrender!

Never take a dive, never deify
Never dignify a motherfuck who lives a fucken lie
Never hide from truth, never idolize
Never feed hypocrisy but shoot it right between the eyes
Never surrender

doom country music