Hellbilly Music



Up from hell only ’bout a day
Found a soul achin’ and in pain
I will be his Magdalene, got to show he’s strugglin’
Wastin’ time waitin’ on a saint

Dig a grave and fly away
Cuz it’s the way my life’s been a-rollin’
I don’t want it no more
I can’t take it no more

I saw an angel through the ceiling
She took my fear and she nailed it to the floor
I made a vow to start kneeling
I got to say she’s about to seize all

Time to take a vow and consecrate
Using skin and motion as my bait
The cauldron is a-bubblin’
Got to go and show him sin
Lucifer just don’t want to wait…

Saw her and started reeling
She took me down and started double dealing
Said get ready for some dark times
Time to pay for my crimes

When his faith’s lost all meaning
And the Fates were taken as a sign
Once his hope starts receding
I’ll be his dark and bloody valentine

Down the road we go, down the road
In the cold she grows, in the cold
Not for jail, not for sale, not for hell
Down the road we go

No fears, no tears
No cares, so unaware
Bring your pride and come inside
Down the road we go

I just can’t stop the feeling
That we crossed some cautionary line
She made Hell seem appealing
I’ve seen the light for the very last time

Now we spend time dreaming
Of all sins and imaginary
As the smoke clears we’re seeing
All the saints and angels redefined

dark country album