Hellbilly Music



Got me a demon deluxe
She’s a moto psycho, shit kickin’, don’t give a fuck
We’ll be droppin’ the hammer once again

Nitro fist attack
We’ve been law breakin’, risk takin’, jumpin’ the tracks
For that we’re goin’ to Hell they say

And when we get to Hell
I’ll wonder what we’re doin’ there
And then I’ll look around I won’t care
Cuz when we get to Hell
We won’t be fussin’ in your hair
We’ll be doin’ what they do down in Hell
In Hell

Legs like dynamite
Tiger eyes that explode the night
Black claws that’ll scratch you back again

Wolves howl while we’re singin’ our song
Lip smackin’, skull crackin’ all night long
For that we’d go to Hell they said


Storming the Gates of Hell
Eternally damned with my Jezebel
We’ll be doing the Dance of the Dead in style

She’s doin’ her banshee wail
Black lips puckered up & waggin’ her tail
If this is Hell I’m finally home at last

hellbilly band