Hellbilly Music



This whole shit is trying to get me down
A goddamn circus run up by an ass clown
I swear this anger never stops
I can’t get right, until that fucker’s body drops

I’m screaming on the night train
My sixgun wants to share the pain
I scream louder so you hear the call
If I’ve done that then I’ve done it all

Who’s got the balls to take it down?
Who’s gonna call for not fucking around?
Who’s got the time to wait around?
Play it rough, blow it up

This ain’t over by a long shot
I’m making a list about who’s gonna get got
They fuck the sick, they fuck the poor
Gonna watch the bodies hit the fucking floor

I’m coming armed to the teeth
You tell me who’s shit you can believe
We need a life that ain’t a lie
Hope I live before I fucking die

Who’s got the gall the to burn it down?
Who’s gonna walk the walk, we need it now?
Who’s gonna give it all to turn it ’round?
Give a fuck, blow it up

Hellbilly music