Hellbilly Music



Signed up for a war – where to die is shame
And I will sacrifice just to honor our name
After what I saw – I am not the same
Living by your balls, the name of the fuckin’ game

I gave my life, and then I gave my soul
Tried to take it back, but they sold it out for gold
I won’t swear to God, but I’m gonna make Him see
I want freedom for all, just don’t fuckin’ lie to me

Policy – Enemy
Honesty – Casualty
You turned freedom into a demon
And this S.O.B. bled for no reason

You told this motherfuck I was going home
Now I finally know I will never go home
Screw your fuckin’ way, screw your policy
Don’t you mock my life, and don’t you dare mock me

Society – Treachery
Deity – Blasphemy
Your treason made you a heathen
And this muthafuck bled for no reason

gothic outlaw