Hellbilly Music



Live like a dog when they’re livin’ like a lord
All that shit means it’s time to go to war now
Step right up and go on and light the fuse
We got too much to lose

Rise and die or kneel down and bow
Time to fight so you better feel it right now
Strike it hard, deep down to the bowels
My battle cry is a muthafucken howl

Peel away all your hate
Save the day, accept your fate
Hit it hard, make it fly
Look your pain in the eye, let me hear your battle cry

Slaughterhouse, buncha fucken sows
Knock it down, let’s have a show of force now
Clock is tickin’, not a minute to spare
Scalpin’ time, let’s take some fucken hair


Gonna take the day
I got the notion
Gonna clear the way
Like locomotion

old west hanging