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POTBH “Scalped” Album Reviewed in “Ox Zine” (Germany)

POTBH Scalped album cover 300Ox Zine, the #1 rock music magazine in Germany, has reviewed the Phantom of the Black Hill’s new album Scalped in their latest issue. Here is a translation from German:

Ashes on my head: In Ox # 118 I called the last album of the PHANTOM OF THE BLACK HILLS their fifth. Now I learn that the current work “Scalped” is number five in the discography, also in the band there are five masked Hellbilly bastards from South Dakota. In the producer’s chair sat once again is the former THE CRAMPS bassist Chopper Franklin, and the absolutely insane mix of country, rock, industrial music and spoken-word passages is still kinda trashy (to the insane bad Billo cover, which refreshingly tops the unsightly layouts of almost all HAYSEED DIXIE albums). It’s innovative alright and not homogeneous: a classic Bluegrass song like the opener “Wild Witch of the West” and then one with extremely distorted vocals on “One for the Gut”, (which strangely enough reminds me of TURBONEGRO’S “Ass Cobra”), are worlds apart. Definitely a plate that you can sort on the shelf under “Special Interest”.   – Christian Krüger 

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