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Four Star Review of “Moonshine Bright”

Moonshine_cover_final_smThe new Chopper Franklin produced Phantom of the Black Hills album Moonshine Bright has been reviewed by The Examiner, it received 4 of 5 stars:

Phantom of the Black Hills, one of the outlaw music scene’s favorite bands of renegade pickers, stummers, pluckers and bangers, is back with a new album on Ratchet Blade Records, Moonshine Bright. Continuing to terrorize the musical wagon trail of the current roots revival with their signature sound of doom country, frontier-core and hellbilly punk, Phantom of the Black Hills’ most recent collection of songs is as powerful and violent as the fiery blast of an old blunderbuss, with each deadly projectile hitting a different mark.

Throughout Moonshine Bright Phantom of the Black Hills lay down some mean distorted chords, plenty of pickin’ and strummin’, hillbilly fiddin’, strong drums, and gritty outlaw vocals. The opening song, which is also the title track, is as dirty and intoxicating and homegrown as the contents of the musical barrel in which it was distilled. “Hellbetties Risin’,” the first single from Moonshine Bright, is a raw cowpunk offering with male and female vocals, is as sharp as the edge of a boot knife. “In Hell” takes a lawbreaker anthem which rides like hell for the horizon, loot in hand, putting some distance between oneself and the hangman’s noose, yet knowing full well that when the times comes hell will be one’s ultimate destination. “The Storm is my Shelter” is about as close to traditional country music as Phantom of the Black Hills get, but it is still pretty far removed from the purist idea of the genre, which is decidedly a good thing. The closer, “A Life for an Eye,” is a little different from the rest of the album in that it is garagey roots rock and dark country punk hybrid.

Moonshine Bright by Phantom of the Black Hills is available from the Ratchet Blade Records webstore here.

by James G. Carlson
The Examiner

read the review online by clicking HERE

The ‘Moonshine Bright’ CD Is Out Now!

The fifth Phantom of the Black Hills release Moonshine Bright is out now, it is exclusively available HERE and at the Ratchet Blade Records webstore, it will be in stores worldwide on February 10th, 2015. You can also order on iTunes by clicking HERE, and at Amazon.mp3 HERE.

$6.66 Moonshine Bright Pre sale Ends 11/14/14

The $6.66 Pre Sale for the new Phantom of the Black Hills CD Moonshine Bright ends this Friday, November 14th, click HERE to preview and order your copy.

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Song Video For “Hellbetties Risin'” Is Live

The song video is up for ‘Hellbetties Risin”, the first single from the fourth Phantom of the Black Hills album Moonshine Bright on Ratchet BladeRecords, check it out, comment and pass it around. You can order the $6.66 Pre Sale for Moonshine Bright by clicking HERE, it ends Friday Nov. 14th.

$6.66 Moonshine Bright Pre Sale Launched

The Pre Sale for the new Phantom of the Black Hills album Moonshine Bright has launched, and it will stream in it’s entirety during Halloween and Dia de los Muertos (10/31 & 11/1), after which the player will play song samples. The $6.66 Pre Sale ends Friday November 14th, you can listen and order by clicking HERE.

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Phantom of the Black Hills Girly T’s

We’ve discovered a batch of POTBH Logo Girly T’s, there’s only a few left, when they’re gone, they’re gone. So hellbetties, get with it and jump on ’em! Click HERE for the Phantom of the Black Hills store.

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“Moonshine Bright” Cover Art Revealed

Ratchet Blade Records has released the cover art for the upcoming Phantom of the Black Hills album Moonshine Bright. It is the 5th release for the band and will be out in November 2014. A presale will be announced shortly with some great items, check back for it.

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Phantom of the Black Hills Bundles on eBay

You can get really great deals on Phantom of the Black Hills music and gear bundles on Ebay, click HERE to check them out.

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“ENEMY!” LP Featured on Rockin’ Therapy Radio

Rockin’ Therapy Radio out of Madrid, Spain recently featured the ENEMY! lp on it’s show, and did this great looking review of the music. Here’s to livin’ La Vida Loca!

RnR Therapy Radio

5 Year Anniversary of POTBH Debut Album “Ghosts”

This month marks the 5th anniversary of the Phantom of the Black Hills debut album Ghosts, which saw it’s way into this dark world in April of 2009. You can check out the detail of this record HERE, and here is the band’s debut video of Men Call Me Mad from it below.